Lagoon Research



Continued investigation around the entire territory of Venice lagoon and in particular across its abandoned areas and islands. These seminar/actions, that involved faculties students, independent researchers, artists and policy makers, aimed to explore the potential of subjective experience as a useful mapping tool to imagine alternative futures and uses for such realities.

Odissey #1 – October 17/19 2005, with TUDelft – Faculty of Urbanism; IUAV – Faculty of Visual arts; Stalker/ON

Odissey #2 – March 22/24 2007, with UCBerkeley – Faculty of Architecture

Odissey #3 – September 25/27 2007, with UPC Barcelona – Faculty of Architecture

Odissey #4 – November 15/16 2009, with ETH Zurich – Faculty of Visual arts




Dessiner sur l’herbe”, seminar IUAV Venezia, 30-31 October 2008


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“Pratiche creative del fare città”, Workshop, Padiglione Antares Vega, Venezia 17-19 febbraio 2005


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